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The mBot/mBlock Kids Maker "Rocks with Robots" Book

This is a downloadable e-book in PDF format.

Creative Ideas for the Makeblock mBot Robot and mBlock (Scratch). Written by: Liao Yuqiang and Zhao Tongzheng.

"We will experience the interaction between the physical world and software through learning the course. The course consists of three parts: 1) mBot robot, 2) mCore main board and 3) mBlock. mBlock is software developed on the basis of Scratch 2.0. It can control mCore main board of mBot, mBot Ranger, Starter Robot Kit, Ultimate Robot Kit and more, and achieve the corresponding functions."

Ideal for everybody who wants to learn more about mBot, Scratch and the mBot technologies and possibilities. Ideal for teachers.


Language currently only in English.


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